Are you getting married soon?! 🤵🏼👸🏼 With Laramedia, you’ll have to hold from your wedding day forward, cinematic memories to cherish… forever and ever. Our skills are rich; our equipment even richer. We shoot for the stars; beauty is our signature. No matter your budget or where your wedding is set, Laramedia promises an unforgettable experience for an unbeatable price. So when the date has been set, the venue chosen, and invitations sent out, keep Laramedia in mind for those all important roles of digital filmmaker and photographer. Together, we’ll capture something special. 💍



Hi, I’m Matthew Laraway, the filmmaker, photographer, and all round multimedia entrepreneur behind LARAMEDIA. My goal is to capture all of the key moments from your special day so that you can relive the experience again and again. But I’m not just a filmmaker and photographer — I’m a wedding guest, and I pride myself on acting as such. If you hire me, we will sit down and carefully plan your wedding video/ photographs together, so that no details are left out. I will mingle with your guests so that they are comfortable in my presence. I will stay until the end of the night so that I don’t miss a thing! What are you waiting for? Book in for a free consultation now!

Wedding Videographer package price start from £600

A hightlight short film from one of wedding couple of - MR Sam Hannah & MRS Laura Varrie ❤️ 🇳🇿

More short films are on @LARAMEDIA Facebook



I love shooting photography from weddings to modelling shoot. I usually get hire for wedding videographer. I offer a full LARAMEDIA wedding package with wedding photographers and wedding videographers. I have photographers are part of LARAMEDIA team and suit to my style. They are amazing photographers and truly love what they do with passion. We work together really well and professionally. I offer this service so you don't have to worry about choosing two different companies or more when LARAMEDIA got you covered stress free.

Wedding photographer package price start from £600